Friday, January 11, 2013

Free for a Limited Time

Some of you may know that besides my two currently available pieces of fiction, the first time I was published it was in a non fiction collection. That collection has been re-released, and is available free for a *limited time as a download from Amazon.

The book is called Ignite Your Passion Kindle Your Internal Spark and is a collection of essays about how people decided to chuck their daily grind and finally do what they wanted. With work. Not like, "I've always wanted to be a serial killer and finally achieved my goal of figuring out how many heads you can stuff into one of those huge blue Ikea bags."

Please note:  We do not encourage that behavior. That behavior is bad. Bad!

So, go HERE and download this book. It is free until January 14, 2013 and is only available at Amazon. You never know when you might decide that you're tired of what you do and want to do something you love instead. But not serial killing, and, despite the book's title, it will not train you to be an arsonist. Once again, bad! Very bad!

(Oh and by the way, stop thinking about the number of heads you can fit into a giant blue Ikea bag. It's ten. TEN, I tell you. I've already done the research. And don't ask me how I know, or it might be eleven.)