Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Proof Positive

I received my proofs today. Proofs, also known as ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) exist for the sole purpose of finding errors. So I have five books which will be marked up by people whose only job is to find mistakes. Like going out of your way to point out when someone f*cks up. So, in other words, a perfect job for me; except I wrote the book, so I've read the book so often that I don't actually see the words anymore. I have them printed on my heart. Anyway, what this means is my novel is one.step.closer to publication. And while I have driven around downtown and Salt Lake City in a carriage so may times that I know the feel of the street to the point that I avoid pot holes by habit, I have never been down the publication road before.

Hang on, dear reader. I'm predicting it will be an interesting ride.


Unknown said...

Very very very excited for you!! A dream coming to life! Be sure to offer the books for sale on your carriage drives :) As an English/ journalism/ grammar major, I take particular pleasure in spotting misspelled words... trying reading it out loud, that can help change the way you see the words that you've memorized. Congratulations many times over on this exciting accomplishment!

Beatrix said...

Woo! They look awesome! (yeah that's me judging a book by its cover, but it's in your favor so no bitching).

Lisa Deon said...

Thanks for the comments! I'm pretty excited about the whole thing. And by "excited" I mean scared to death. But what's the worse that could happen, right?