Monday, May 24, 2010


I was monitoring the fundraising for Strut Your Mutt last week- watching the clock count down and our goal slipping away. It was a lot like watching a marathon- seeing the runner heading for the finish line and then slowing down, out of energy, stumbling as they approach the end…

And then at the last minute, three people saw my Facebook plea, took pity upon us, and donated enough money to put us over the top.

Thank you to everyone who donated. You really made a difference!

Saturday morning dawned rainy and cold, and we knew that we had to attend no matter what. Often when the weather is shitty, people who have not signed up in advance bag it, which brings the numbers down exponentially.

After we arrived and checked in the weather cleared up a bit and the walk went off without a hitch. Sammie Two Chews did it in her stroller, and Luna did it dragging Mr. SD all around the park.

And to place the dollar amount into a tangible perspective, here are some of the things that $512.00 can accomplish:

Twenty cat spay/neuter surgery, resulting in hundreds of fewer births and that means thousands of lives saved.

Ten dog spay/neuter surgery, resulting in hundreds of fewer births and thousands of lives saved.

Five dogs or cats rescued and placed in a loving permanent home.


Help provide food and shelter for 17 feral cats.

My "good" camera died shortly after we arrived, and apparently I had my second best camera on a close up setting, so I apologize for the quality of some of the shots.

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