Thursday, June 14, 2012

Free Stuff

As a pre-launch sampler, I'm giving away my contemporary short story, Spitting the Difference,  in Kindle format on Amazon. If you do not own a Kindle, you can download a free Kindle reading app for PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad or Android. So, really, you have no excuse not to go and pick it up for free. It's twelve pages. You can read it on your lunch hour. Or while waiting for that lobotomy you've been wanting to get.

Yes, yes, I know, I'm very generous, but  hey, it's .99 cents you can spend on something to nosh on while you're enjoying the story.
So I have the Kindle file uploaded to Kindle and am waiting on their "approval", and I have the Create Space file over there waiting on their approval also. I'm still wrestling with the Smashwords file, because in trying to format to their specifications I had to take out all of the words in italics.

I've discovered I use a LOT of italics. I also use a lot of ellipses... but since the main character has brain damage her thoughts often trail off... you know how it is...
The actual publication day for The Carriage Trade is tomorrow, Friday June 15. So watch for it on Amazon, Create Space and Smashwords (eventually).  Have a great day, and go get the free short story.

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