Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Musick has Charms to Sooth a Savage Breast

I write to music. In fact, I create to music. In my head. Often times while I'm driving, which is a little inconvenient because I have yet to master simultaneous driving and writing. But that's just me. Apparently a lot of people think they've perfected it because I see a plethora of folks driving and texting. I do not drive and text, because some day a driver/texter will run into my carriage and kill me. Then all the RARAs will rejoice because another evil slave driver has been taken out of Satan's HR pool.

But I digress... I write to music because the music sets the pace for the scene I'm creating. It brings the emotion to the surface, and helps with the beats. Music also helps me recreate a specific scene in my head, like my very own movie of my novel.

So with the publication of my novel, The Carriage Trade, here is a list for the soundtrack to the book. Some of the titles will be familiar, but I have rather eclectic taste in music so a few will be a bit more obscure. And not every chapter has music.

Chapter/Song Title/Artist
Prologue/New Slang/The Shins
Ch1/Lust for Life/Iggy Pop
Ch3/Coconut/Harry Nilsson
Ch4/Tangled up in Blue/Bob Dylan
Ch7/The Celibate Life/The Shins
Ch8/Dragostea Din Tei/O-ZONE
Ch12/Waterfall/Jim Brickman
Ch14/Pretty Fly for a White Guy/The Offspring
Ch17/Patricia/PĂ©rez Prado
Ch18/Change Your Mind/The All-American Rejects
Ch19/Crazy/Gnarles Barkley
Ch20/Carla Etude/Elton John
Ch21/I'm Too Sexy for my Shirt/Right Said Fred
Ch22/Isn't it Time/The Babys
Ch23/Harder to Breath/Maroon 5
Ch24/Turn On Me/The Shins
Ch25/I'm No Angel/The Greg Allman Band
Ch26/Silver Lining/Bonnie Raitt
Ch27/Because the Night/Patti Smith
Ch29/I will Follow You into the Dark/Death Cab for Cutie
Ch30/Mad World/Gary Jules
Ch31/Thunder/Boys Like Girls
Ch34/Your Guardian Angel/The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Ch35/Some Days are Diamonds, Some Days are Stone/John Denver
End/Best Days/Graham Colton

And for the bonus material,

The Re-Education of the One Trick Pony/Ch1/The Past and Pending/The Shins

Not all the songs start when the chapter begins. But they all pull me back into the scene they represent. I hope you enjoy the soundtrack. 

In case you cannot tell, I really, really love The Shins. And I owe much of the music I use to The Kid, who keeps my musical taste up to date by regularly blasting Indie artists at me. Which is why I know that Vampire Weekend is not a scene from an Anne Rice book. 

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stanalei said...

Now I have a soundtrack to you book when I get to read it. Love this post and your special way of saying things.