Wednesday, January 7, 2009


A few observations during my down time:

When you get a new cell phone, especially a model you have no previous experience with because, say, it's sleek and sexy looking with lots of fun features; make sure that, besides showing you how to access the internet, games and music, the helpful associate also demonstrates how to actually dial a call.

Unless you live someplace warm, the heater in your car is a necessity.

The minute you think you've put all the Christmas decorations away you will find something either behind the couch or stuck in your dog's tail fur. Most likely both.

Your dog, despite your best intentions, will not appreciate having his tail un-decorated.

If you have nothing to do, the weather will be beautiful. If you have an entire agenda of things that absolutely, positively must get accomplished, it will all go to crap in very short order.

When you find yourself in a hurry, whatever you need to complete the process you are attempting to finish will break down: Most people are unaware that it's due to a mysterious component called a "Critical Need Sensor", and Mother Nature, along with most electric appliances/computers/copy machines and small children have them in some form or another.

Allowing mechanical things to perform "Spontaneous Self Repair" is inexpensive in the short term only.

The Shins should only be listened to with head phones. There are always weird background noises on their tracks.

487 channels on satellite and the only thing worth watching are re-runs of "NCIS".


Belle's personal assistant said...

You must have been having a week like mine. Unfortunately, I discovered that actually voicing those random thoughts in class with a group of teenagers is not necessarily the best audience, nor is it conducive to learning.

bleba -- the way that I have been feeling all freaking week.

peeba76 said...

Are you being harassed by the PETArds too?

Anonymous said...

One of Bob's people lost his house last week to a fire. The whole thing. He (Travis) is blogging about it. Travis is a great blogger, too.

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