Monday, February 16, 2009

Barn Trek: The Wrath of Stan

I had another rendezvous with Buzz today, and in honor of President's Day, I brought my Vet-wanna-be. She got to hold Dreamer, and I got to take pictures. I used her camera, which is why the photos are a higher quality than you have been used to.
We arrived and to our delight we were greeted by this cutie pie;

My Kid and Mrs. Mare's kid had a conversation (probably about lousy mothers)

Sorry, but the adorable factor is out of the park here and I'm not usually an "adorable" addict so bare with me for one last saccharine photo op…

Okay, I think I'm done. So we pulled Dreamer out of his paddock and of course he had his usual fit, being denied the comfort and companionship of his girlfriend, Missy. So he did a lot of whining. But he'll get over it.
You can see from this photo the scope of Stan's occupation:

Then Buzz, our Vet, got busy filling the small spritzer from the Jug-O-Nitrogen. We like the festive crackling sound it makes when he splashes it on the ground and it freezes the mud to the point where you can crack it with a hammer.

Then Dreamer got his fix. He's not the most co-operative of patients, and can be a real pain in the ass. So Buzz slips him a Rufie, and in no time at you have this:

So Buzz started to work on Stan, and I got what I consider to be a beautiful shot; I don't know if the resolution will transfer over to the net, but I love the mist left hanging in the air from the liquid nitrogen, and the frosty look of Stan.

And here is a close up of a Stan-cicle… Buzz peeled a chunk off of him and we took it home and froze it so next month The Kid can take it into Biology and look at it under a microscope just for funzies.

Yeah, I know we're weird people but it works for us, Okay?

And finally here is another photo of Dreamer, looking very brave, considering he didn't get a Lolly-Pop when it was over.

But he did get an apple.
And The Kid and I? We got pedicures.


Anonymous said...

Oowie! We are always up for pix of baby animals. Yep, adorable.

Say, I wonder if that spritzer could be used on saddlebag thighs?

vinsf: bistro on the Embarcadero

Lisa Deon said...

I wonder if that spritzer could be used on saddlebag thighs?

I suppose you could, but them you have all that unsightly dead flesh to deal with.

Scierga: A polka written in Flemish.

Belle's personal assistant said...

I have used the liquid freeze on moles (not the recommended use by the manufacturer, but not on thighs. I think that you would be too sore to move. This would cause you to lay around in agony eating chocolate to zone out. What would that help? Not at all.

I will definitely go overboard on the cutesy pics when Outlaw is born. I may look like a tough customer on the exterior, but I put Belle stickers on all of Belle's belongings.

Please be a colt, little Outlaw. I will be forced to get Tinkerbell stickers if you are a filly, little TinkerBelle.

I am definitely suffering from lack of sleep and stress. . . Can you tell?