Tuesday, June 29, 2010


She arrived unexpectedly on a Christmas morning in Missouri

She never met a person she didn't adore.

She turned the hearts of Pomeranian haters, dog groomers and vet techs to mush with her always wiggling so-happy-to-meet-you smile.

She would stand on my folded arms leaning against my chest for as long as I could stand her little nails digging into my skin.

She travelled, and was welcomed, everywhere with us and was only kenneled once when there was no other option.

She sat in the basket of my bike and rode on the trails with me, loving every minute of the ride.

She was never a yappy little barker, unless she saw my suitcase and then she's do her darnest to sneak out the kitchen door to the Jeep with me.

She had a bark that went, "Arf!"

She would sing with me.

She could high-five, but of course her high-five was only about seven inches off the ground, so it was a really low high-five.

She loved going camping because there were people.

She would "assist" you in picking her up by, just when your palm wrapped around her middle, giving a little jump, to help you out.

She loved to snuggle in my arms, and would stand on my side of the bed waiting until I'd reach down and pull her up.

She had luxated patellas so attempting to go long distances was hard, but she enjoyed going for "walks" in her stroller.

She was so unlike the other Pomeranians I have known there will never be another like her.

She left my world as unexpectedly as she arrived in it.

She died last week from an infection we didn’t know she had until it was too late.

I loved her beyond words.

Sammie Two Chews



Anonymous said...

Still don't have any words to make it all better. We both know they don't exist. Your tribute to Sammy was tender, touching, and heartbreaking. ---MBA

CVASG said...

Sammi was my Grand Doggy; I loved her and will miss her happy greeting each time I visit you. She was a beautiful little ball of fur when she arrived in Missouri and remained a beautiful, slightly larger and always delightful ball of fur. Love, Mom

Once Upon an Equine said...

I am so, so sorry. I enjoyed reading about Sammie on your blog and about the big personality inside that little body of hers. Your tribute to her is very sweet. I'm sorry.

michelleblackler said...

I'm honored to have known Sammy Two Chews from your writing. I will miss her, too. Bless you.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sad for you SD :( You forgot to put in the part about what a great guard dog she is when you are banished to the Jeep because you are so drunk you got kicked out of Denny's and don't even know your own name. Bill will always owe Sammy for that one!

Lyn said...

Oh, God! Driver, I am so sorry to see this. Both your old friends so close together. I'm patting your back and rubbing your shoulder. How are Kid and DH?
Your tribute was beautiful.

Bob Mayer said...

Lisa, So sorry to hear about this.

Dreaming said...

Oh, how sad. Fuzzy family members are so dear. It's tough. I recently lost one of my fuzzy guys after 11 years. The memories are getting sweeter and are slowly replacing the emptiness. Your tribute is so beautiful and captures the essence of Sammi. RIP dear Sammi.

Lisa Deon said...

I would like to thank all of you that have posted or emailed me about our loss of Sammie. She was one of a kind, and we miss her still.

We had her cremated. When the call came, The Kids current boyfriend was kind enough to oblige my request to retrieve them for me, as I was pretty sure I'd be able to maintain my composure.

After a couple of days I opened the cardboard box and found a sandwich size Ziploc bag, not very full at all. Compared to the size of its contents, the box was huge. I showed it to Mr. Slave Driver. He said, "Put Sammie in the box with Cowboy's ashes. She would have liked that."

And I did, because he's right. She adored her Cowboy; she would have liked that.

Thank you again, I wish you all the best. Hug your pet for me.

Beatrix said...

That was a touching eulogy. As soon as I started reading it I thought "Oh no...Not Sammy!" Little dogs are not my thing, but Sammy managed to disguise her altitude handicap very well, at least in how you wrote her.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear about Sammie. She's not going to be forgotten. Hope you and yours are holding up as well as can be expected. Thank you for sharing your girl with us.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry, Lisa. She and Raven are up there at the bridge, runnin like pups, just waitin for us to get there. <3