Monday, March 7, 2011

Cats And Dogs, Living In Sin

Our foster cat, Zita, has been here a little over a week now, and, well, things are not quite right…

When we disclosed to the director of the foster cat program that having a more dog friendly cat might be better for the cat, we were thinking about how miserable poor Wednesday was. Because of her dog induced anxiety, she limited herself to the basement, and although she craved human/cat interaction, she only got it when someone went downstairs to spend quality time with her. But even around people she could be skittish and shy.

Enter Zita.

At twice the poundage of Wednesday, she began her reign of feline dictatorship subtlety, and with panache. At first, she feigned submission, crouching down and flattening her ears while Luna motorboated her repeatedly.

Luna is a sweet dog, but she's about as gentle as elephant strip-searching a peanut vendor.

After pointedly ignoring Luna's shoving her around, looking for who knows what, Zita finally had enough and began to school Luna in the fine art of diplomacy. A small bite, here, a grabbing of the muzzle there, until finally Luna got a scratch on her nose, and quit her harassment.

And that's about as close as we’ve gotten here to détente.

Here is a photographic play-by-play of the events:

Zita is just hanging around on the coffee table minding her own business...

First come the sneak...

Then comes the nose poke.

Then we have the wrestling.

And the in your face antaginism.


And finally, a truce in the hallway.

Shamefull, I know.

And at least when the foster cat stands up for herself, I don’t have to get in the middle of it.

Warning: Flagrant self promotion ahead:
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C said...

Mucho like.

Anonymous said...

I had fun reading your blog. You are a good writer. Never occurred to me about the inconvenience of driving a carriage for a living.. p.s. I didn't find the facebook address you mention of interesting traveler you met.

Lisa Deon said...


Thanks! And while driving a carriage is...a strange occupation, I still love it! And I'm not sure which interesting traveler you mean. If you are talking about Aaron (the guy hitch hiking across the country, looking for other people's American Dream) I doubt his website is still online, it was a while ago. But he is on Facebook.