Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Yet Another Five Minutes You Will Never Get Back~

My friend and former co-worker,  Stacey, who writes the Jumping-Percheron blog, gave me this Liebster award. I'm not very good at these kind of things, getting awards and then the follow through. Mostly it's because I'm lazy. I'm also trying to work four days a week, write two books simultaneously and I get to spend Sundays with my family. Some of the time.

In between the cracks, I visit my Appaloosa, Dreamer, goof off with my friends, do laundry, and waste a considerable amount of daylight looking at pictures of animal babies on that infamous time suck called Facebook. I'm not very domestic, so my house is a shambles, and my yard is a lovely shade of yellow due to neglect. Except for the weeds; I excel at growing weeds. And not the kind you can make money with, unless dandelions suddenly become a priceless commodity. Then, I've hit the mother lode.

So here is my feeble attempt at a Blog Award Follow Through, in which the only requirement that I actually fulfill is answering the eleven questions.

See? I'm even too lazy to right click, save the award icon, and upload it to my blog, which I probably could have done in less time then it's taking me to write this sentence...

1. If you could ride anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Scotland, or Australia. Two countries I would someday like to visit.

2.  Have you ever been out of the country that you live in?
I have been to Jamaica, Providence Island in the Bahamas, Mexico and Canada. I don't like to fly, and they no longer let you get drunk before you get on a plane. This stupid FAA regulation has drastically curtailed my flying.

3.  What's your job, do you like it?
I have two jobs, and I love them both. I am a commercial livery carriage driver in Salt Lake City, and a writer. When I'm not doing one, I'm either thinking about, or doing, the other.

4.  Proudest moment with your horse?
Once I would have said the first show I brought Dreamer to and he won a blue ribbon. But a lot of horses win blue ribbons. Now I would say the day I was visiting him at his new home, Courage Reins, a therapeutic riding center in Highland, Utah. I had him on a lead rope, standing behind MBA's mini-van, dragging tack out of the back, when a stranger walked up and asked me if Dreamer was my horse. She then proceeded to tell me how much she loved him, how great he was in class, and how all the students and volunteers loved ( and fought over who got to) work with him. It was a testament to my horse that even though he had only been there a short time, he had won the hearts of everyone connected with the center.

5.  Any horse tattoos?
I have a Yin-yang horse head on my right shoulder cap. It is the model for the cover of my novel, The Carriage Trade.

6.  Favorite place to haul out to ride?
I sold my trailer and no longer haul Dreamer anywhere. When I had a farm in Missouri we would hack our horses around the 36 acres surrounding our property.

7.  Any other hobbies besides riding?
I ski (badly) and camp. And by "Camp" I mean take our travel trailer somewhere with full hook-ups. Then we go hiking. And by "Hiking" I mean walk around and drink wine. I hike the same way I fish. Because, to me, if it's not sunny and I can't get a tan & drink wine, I'm just sitting in a chair on the shore holding a stick.

8.  Most ridiculous piece of tack you've seen?
One of those Mexican saddles with the horn big enough to play poker on. The best piece of tack was insulated saddle bags that could hold a 4 liter box of wine. Very useful!

9.  Furthest distance you've taken your horse aka road trip, day haul, show, etc...?
In 1995 we moved Dreamer from Northern Illinois to K.C., Missouri. In 2003 we again moved him, from K.C. to Salt Lake City, Utah. When he was moved from K.C. to S.L.C. there was a one night stop in Colorado. The next morning he had to be coerced to get back in the trailer. I do not blame him one bit.

10.  Is this your first blog award?
No, but it means the most because it came from my friend Stacey at Jumping-Percheron.blogspot.com

11.  Do you board or have your horse(s) at home?

My horse currently lives at the above mentioned Courage Reins where he gets love and attention from his extended family every day. It is a fabulous place for him to spend his twilight years. 

Oh, yeah, now my other book, The Re-Education of the One Trick Pony is available in paperback. You can buy it, along with the first one in the series, The Carriage Trade, over on Amazon. So please go and buy it. Then read it. Then leave a review. And tell your friends. Because until I hit it big in the dandelion market, I could use the scheckles...

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