Monday, April 14, 2008

Getting there is half the fun

Bingo extravaganza weekend happens about every six months for us. By us I mean me and ~A~. We drive up to Wease’s place, drink a lot of wine and go to the Elks Lodge for Bingo on Friday night. As usual the traffic in Davis County on I-15 sucked, but that’s a daily thing for the folks who live north of Salt Lake and I pity them. That’s why I live south of downtown.

We arrived around eight pm and woke Wease up. She had been sleeping with her pack of dogs and I scared the hell out of her even though she was expecting us. I guess “Wakey wakey have some cakey” isn’t the most pleasant thing to arise to, but since I didn’t have Gerard Butler in my pocket to pull out and softly caress her face as he sings love songs to her it was the best I could do on short notice. You have to work with what you’ve got. If I had softly caressed her face whilst singing love songs to her she would grab my hand, bend it back until my wrist snapped and then sic her dogs on me. Not by idea of a noble death, but that’s how we roll.

Anyway, we went out to eat and then Wease had to go and work the night shift at the cheese factory. Apparently America’s appetite for cheese is so great that they run 24/7.

~A~ & I scrounged through Wease’s DVD collection and came up with two movies that neither of us had seen yet. We watched “Hairspray.” Wease returned home about 8 am and we walked to LD’s café for steak and eggs. Then we went on a Dollar Store shopping spree to prepare for our Bingo extravaganza.

You have to know how to dress for Bingo. There also are essential accoutrements one needs to bring. On our last visit ~A~ & I had stopped at the Wal-Mart in Brigham City for Bingo Daubers. I, in my 20/20 foresight, put mine “In a safe place” so I would be able to bring them the next time I ventured north. One day I will discover my “Safe Place” and all the treasures I have squirreled away will be found. Needless to say I purchased two more. We also needed bags to carry them in. Only a rube would wander into a Bingo hall with their daubers sticking out of their back pockets, that is so bourgeois. None of the three of us carry purses. It’s a Carriage Driver thing. You carry your essentials in a wallet and/or pockets. So we bought little bags for our Bingo Equipment.

Then we needed jewelry, so I purchased some of those necklaces and bracelets made of Glow-Stick stuff. And to top our outfits off, literally, we got hairpieces in an assortment of colors. Mine was blue and pink, Wease’s was red, and ~A~ was purple, because she loves the color purple. Let me tell you, we looked marvelous! We looked soooo good that one of the newbies at the Bingo game asked us where we got our hair. I told ‘em. “ Le Franc Boutique.”

And last but not least…good luck charms. ~A~ and Wease found some lovely stress-ball squishy things. ~A~’s was in the shape of a Dachshund with 4 plastic bones floating in its internal goo, and Wease found a frog that looked like a mutant puffer fish when you squeeze it. I don’t go for stuff like that so I took a weird shaped peanut I found in the bag from the dollar store and called it my “lucky peanut”. I figured if nothing else I’d have a snack in case I got hungry.

So we went and had a great time and of course ~A~ was the only one of us that won (TWICE!) and first Wease said that ~A~ should pay for lunch but then we figured out after her bingo card purchases and the dollar store treasures she really only came out $1.78 ahead so we bought our own lunch the next day.

But we sure had fun!

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Skeeter Demon said...

Road Trip with The Girls. Fun! So, who is Lucy and who is Ethel? And there are three of you, so much the better. You must have really spiced up the bingo hall that day.

I tried to tell you how cool that pink room is, but wasn't allowed. Tell Kid her pinkandpurple room is cool. Or Hot. Not sure what the current lingo is for "appealing and interesting."