Thursday, May 14, 2009

Back To Square One

I went to see Dreamer yesterday. I needed to check on Stan,

Stan Last Week

The "Jabba Head" is gone


And Stan is still shrinking

and The Kid wanted to ride.

Dreamer hasn't been worked in close to a year now, for numerous reasons; Stan, I have a bad hip, laziness, whatever got in the way, it's over now. Stan has reduced in size and ugliness exponentially, so we're planning on working Dreamer again. The Kid wanted to jump him but he needs his hooves trimmed and since he's been off for so long he's a little out of shape, so…not today. He needs a little exercise, first.

Plus, The Fabulous Todd is allegedly moving his hunter / jumper Paint horse to my barn so 1) I will have someone to ride with, 2) The Kid, who absolutely adores the Fabulous Todd, will have someone to jump with, and 3) TFT can drive The Kid to and fro, if they want to hang out together, leaving me free to concentrate on all the critically important tasks I perform daily.

(Pause for maniacal laughter…)

Ahh…that was good. Anyway, after The Kid rode Dreamer we smeared Stan with more Xxterra.

Then I watched while this dog ran around with a piece of twine on his collar, and this cat tried to catch it.

I know. It was stupid, but in an amusing and free way, so, in this economy, you take free entertainment wherever you can find it, right? Right? (This is where you nod, and say, "Why yes, that's why I'm here, reading this")

But before we left we met this little guy, who is adorable.

I love the babies.


IrishLassie said...

stan is looking good. Glad the liquid gold is working.
The kid looks good with dreamer. Glad Todd is going to be around to ride with. Love the cat and dog pics. That's a riot.

Anonymous said...

Awww Dreamer looks good!