Thursday, August 20, 2009

Camping Defined Refined

One last post about my "camping" trip, and a little info about me.

People who know me would ask about my vacation plans and cringe when I announced that I was going "camping."

"Camping?" They would sneer with a shudder. "I hate camping. It's so… dirty and primitive and uncomfortable."

So allow me a moment to explain my version of "camping";

I do not hike three miles into the woods with only a rucksack, mosquito net and pointed stick as my equipment. I consider it to be "camping" when I stay at a hotel without room service. And even when we did, on occasion, camp in a tent, we did so in a campground and I always got a site complete with water and electric. I had my own porta-potty and shower (they make very nice 3X3"shower" shelters now for just that purpose) and would bring a 20 inch box fan, portable DVD player, and my coffee maker because I do not like to be inconvenienced.

Mr. Slave Driver, during one such excursion, remarked that he was surprised that I had not brought along a window air conditioning unit. I replied that the suggestion was asinine- the tent window would never support an A/C, and they were all out of the free standing units at Lowes, so the fan would have to suffice.

Mr. Slave Driver— snort followed by an eye roll.

Those drivers that work with me know that I continue this theme even driving carriage. Upon returning to the barn in the evening they grab their few meager possessions off of the carriage they used and head into the driver's room. I, on the other hand, make at least three trips back and forth, collecting all of my junk. This is one reason why I have one of the "big" lockers. Plus I pounced just at the perfect time, when Michelle announced she was quitting, and I glommed onto her locker before it had even cooled.

On the other hand, when someone needs something, guess who they come to? Forgot your rain coat and now it's pouring? See SD. Headache/cramps/pulled a hammy and looking for some Advil Love? SD carries a veritable pharmacopeia in her bag of tricks. Need a pair of gloves? Check. Dental floss? Besides cleaning between your teeth it also works well when a minor fix involving tying stuff together is necessary— and it leaves that DIY fix it project smelling minty fresh.

So, to get back to the original subject, camping to me is not the "camping" that the Boy Scouts do, it's staying in an efficiency apartment filled with your stuff, that has wheels and you drag behind your truck. It simply changes zip codes and scenic views. Sometimes you have cable and Wifi, and sometimes you have squirrels and bats.

But you always have your stuff, your coffee maker, and your bathroom.

(Authors Note: with this last travel post I will return to my normal blogcast schedule of Mondays and Thursdays, unless something really exceptional happens or, when no blog is present, nothing happens. Thank you and have a nice day. Or, if you can't have a nice day, just have a day.)


Anonymous said...

My kind of camping. Or even driving. Gee, do I hate sharing bathrooms with 100 total strangers! Your RV is so nice and new. Mine is oh, my, goodness! nineteen years old and has almost as many miles on it as I do. There have been times when I lived on the road for two or three months, and moving from CA to TX, it was part moving van as well as quarters for me and the hound. Quite good fun, though I do see the joy of day hikes, too--as long as you can come "home" at the end of the day to a shower and a nice glass of wine. --Dusty

Gina said...

I like how you camp... I like to camp in a style somewhat in accordance with yours, but cheaper as I have no money.