Thursday, August 13, 2009

Gettin' Your Zi- on

Zion National Park

While I was planning our camping trip, The Kid came to me and asked if she could bring a friend.

"Which one?" I inquired, because some of her friends grate on my nerves like sand in your underpants.

"K," she responded.

That brightened me up immensely because I like "K." She is a sweet girl with a fun personality and fits right in with our mocking, teasing, quick witted family. You have to be fast on your feet in our clan or I guarantee you will not survive.

And it was a good move, allowing The Kid another one of her species. She is an only child and has been raised in the company of adults all of her life, but even we can't sink to the unbelievably silly machinations of teens when they are bored beyond belief, so it's good that they keep each other amused, even if it is at the expense of our sanity…The Bordom Twins

On Tuesday we rented a pontoon boat and went fishing on Panguitch Lake. The girls huddled under a sleeping bag at the start because it was early (7 am) and a bit chilly but later they crawled out from under their shelter and joined in. Chilly Chicas

On Wednesday we went to Zion National Park. The Kid and I drove through it last year when we returned from Tucson, and we raved about it so much that Mr. Slave Driver insisted that we include it in this years vacation. We ended up having dinner in the town of Springdale because the girls were starving and it would easily be a two hour ride back to camp.

Hiking made the girls very hungry
It was beautiful but a loooooong day, and the ride home through very dark, winding, deer and cow infested (free range cattle out here) roads was …intense.
Can I eat it?
But it was a great day, and we returned to the trailer exhausted. Today (Thursday) is Bryce Canyon which is much closer and not quite so large.

And yes, I will need a vacation after my vacation.


Suzanne said...

Am I seeing this right? One with purple leggings and turquoise top, the other with purple top and turquoise leggings? That has to be on purpose... :D

Lisa Deon said...

An older woman at Zion commented on not only the brightness of the colors but the color co-ordination, and I asked the girls and they said no. Also, those are jeans. I know they look like they were sprayed on...