Monday, November 23, 2009

Weather Report

It snowed last night, about an inch or so out here in the 'burbs, and I'm hoping that it's "done" for a while. Although the ski resorts could use some weather love. Being the selfish person I am it would please me immensely if it stayed in the 50's from now until Christmas Day, then it could snow like hell. But, since I have yet to learn how to master the weather (and if I ever do I sure as shit won’t be a carriage driver, I'll move on to practicing World Domination) I guess I'll just have to be pleased with what we have instead of what I want, and what we have this week is good stuff. You know, considering that it's the Rocky Mountains and all.

At least that's what *they* predict.

Mr. Slave Driver's business is construction, and mine is an outdoorsy type job also, so we both watch the forecast. Although I must admit that many times I fall asleep during the local news so I ask Mr. SD to give me a recap. Which he does, unless he too has succumbed and misses it. It doesn’t really matter in the long run because all four local stations give four different predictions so it's all a crap shoot anyway. Which is why I bring all my gear with me every night, just in case. There are few things worse than being cold and wet and knowing that you will remain cold and wet for three more hours and it’s nobody's fault but your own because you were not prepared.

Anyway, I'm back to working on novel number two, which is a continuation of novel number one, and it's probably stupid to be working on it because if novel number one doesn’t get sold then, one might ask, why bother? But I've made sure that it is a stand alone, and anyone who has not read #1 would be right up to speed on #2. Kind of like The Da Vinci Code was the second book and Angels and Demons was the first, but without all the symbols and religious stuff. And no albinos, although there is mention of a "lethal white" in the first chapter.

So all you all have a great Thanksgiving and I'll be back later this week. I really have nothing to say right now, so let me know if there's a subject you want to hear about and maybe I'll write about that.


Serena said...

That's so weird! When i lived in Salt Lake (for 3 whole months; go Tribune internship WOOT!) i remember thinking the weather forecasts were strangely accurate. But i had never before lived 2 days inland (yes, i measure geographic distance in days' drive-time) and i haven't since. I just figured the news stations called Nevada about an hour before the broadcast to ask what was happening there.

Lisa Deon said...

The snow we got last night was supposed to come in on Saturday around noon. It finally snowed saturday around 5, for about 7 minutes.

I found that the weather people in Missouri were far more accurate than here. And in Chicago you have four kinds of weather: Hot, Cold, Wet or Dry. And the occasional tornado.

Lyn said...

I'm in Texas. We don't have weather.

Stay warm and dry, and get yourself a young trainee. If nothing else, they can help you work.

Lisa Deon said...

Sure you do. You have that mystery combination of Hot, Dry, Tornado (by Oklahoma) and Hurricane (on the coast) which, by the way, is nothing more than a super wet tornado.

Anonymous said...

Hey atleast you don't live on Suncrest like some other people we know...they'll actually be outta there in February though. They're going to Sacramento. They are sick of the Utah weirdness.

Lyn said...

Leaving Utah weirdness--what kind of weirdness are they going to? It's pandemic, you know. Mush!

Belle's personal assistant said...

Just remember, if it is too warm, the customers will say that they are waiting for it to snow before they take the carriage ride, but if it is too snowy, they won't come downtown.
Have fun tonight. We will come by tomorrow and see all of the fun.

Be safe.

Mulan -- why have the WV a disney almost princess? (After all, Belle is the only new Disney princess that deserves the title)