Thursday, November 19, 2009

Xmas, Schmexmas...

Yesterday after we took MBA out for lunch I mentioned in passing to Ro that I would be in on Monday to strip my carriage of the rose theme and pimp it for Christmas. Later she called and coerced me into coming in on Thursday to do my changeover because the company owner wanted to ship it off Friday for a specialty. That way, since the owner likes the way I decorate, she gets a decorated carriage and doesn’t have to do the work herself. She told Ro to bribe me with a free lunch.

Ok, no problem, I'm a company gal. And I'm easily had; dangle food in front of me and I'm not too proud to admit I will follow you. Besides, they don't let any old idiot do specialties, so I know at least my carriage would be in good hands.

So, looking over my blogs from last year I showed you my
before carriage and my after carriage, then I gave explicit directions on how to add a sound system to my ride, so I guess today I will show you all the stuff I strip off and replace with Christmas decorations to make my carriage one of the most requested ones on the block.
So, step 1: remove the usual stuff; rose swag that goes around the bottom and along the sides, plus the two bouquets that sit up by the back rest.

Step 2: add the fake evergreen garland imbedded with lights.

Step 3: add evergreen swag on top and around driver's seat, dash and sides.

Step 4: Add other chotchkies like the big blue light bulb ornament I got at ShopCo last year after Christmas (I buy all my decorations after Christmas when they’re 75-90% off. Because I'm smart. And cheap.) Top it off with a festive wreath.

So even thought it is now decorated, I won't actually be driving it until next weekend.

Sorry this is dry and dull, but I'm still under the influence of drugs and the haze doesn't allow a lot of creativity.


Lyn said...

The pictures are good, and make me wish I could get to SLC for a ride around the town. Hope you get to feeling better soon. Hell's bells, Driver, I hope the whole damn world gets to feeling better soon. Still, pretty pictures.

Unknown said...

I'll have to see if I can dig up some old pics of Scooter's christmas pimpmobile and send them to you for publishing or maybe I'll just get the Mrs. to put them on her blog who knows? That's assuming I can even find any of that crap..uh memorabilia.

canterwo--common mentality of most of the barn's "employees" whilst piloting the real workers at the barn.

Lisa Deon said...

You seem to forget, Mike, that Scooter, and all his custom carnival paraphernalia, is still an employee. So every year I get to witness his Griswald-esque conveyance rolling around town, frightening locals and tourists alike. I was especially fond of the night drunken Santa's head came off and Scooter trolled around with a decapitated Clause riding Tom. I can only imagine the amount of children traumatized that evening. It was definitely an event worthy of recording in the Carriage for Hire annals of history. Like your magic ride with Sam, up the support pillars of JSB. Or Jim's most recent escapade behind the Wells Fargo building.
And you must have missed the new guy, who is now gone, who last year had enough lights on his carriage that it could be mistaken for a "Tilt-a-Whirl". Very, er, festive. Yeah, that's it. Festive.

But have BPA post them, I'm sure inquiring minds want to see.

Fixudd= what I did to my carriage, I fixudd.

Anonymous said...

Lookin' good Lis!