Monday, January 4, 2010

On To The Next Thing…

I have a lot to get done this month. The Sundance Film Festival begins soon and I have tons-o-crap to do to get ready for that puppy. Online training, digging out my "grown up" clothes, limber up my liver for the parties both before and after… plus since in my position I have to be nice to people (shudder) I need to practice my smiling. You know, so it looks like I'm pleasant and friendly, not like a grimace I might make right before I rip their throat out with my teeth. More smile, less snarl. That's my goal.

I set more goals for this year the other evening at a writers party, and yeah, it was very hoity toity and dignified… we paraded around in our sport jackets with the suede patches on the elbows, our pinkies stuck out whilst holding our well worn copies of Strunk and White's Elements of Style aloft. Then we sacrificed a goat. Or maybe it was a cheesecake. I don't remember, as by then I was lightly toasted. I brought wine and Honey Baked Ham. You can guess which one I had more of.

This year I have a second book to finish and a third book to begin. And finish.

This week I need to go to the carriage barn and strip my carriage of all the Christmas decorations I slathered on it. I bought more right after the holidays when they're cheap, because stuff tends to get trashed in the six weeks it hangs on the carriage during all kinds of weather and all kinds of drivers. Since "my" carriage doesn’t actually belong to "me" it gets used by other, random drivers who are not always careful about the crap attached to it, but that's what happens and it's also why I buy my stuff after Christmas. Contrary to public opinion I am no dummy.

I went out and got a Wii yesterday to go along with the humongous TVzilla in the living room. I'm not a "gamer", but I wanted to utilize the fitness aspects of it since I lost about five pounds during the holiday crunch. I also added about three pounds of muscle, but that's good and is about par for the course. So I want to keep the loss/toning ratio going and that won't happen just sitting on the couch reading or writing. Writing, as it turns out, is not particularly aerobic. And reading is only aerobic if I do it on my treadmill and I've been known to fall off my treadmill when I'm not paying strict attention to where exactly my feet are. It's not pretty, folks. It is, however, highly amusing if you happen to witness it.

I played around with the Wii yesterday and now I'm stiff and sore, so this morning I'm having a breakfast of coffee with an Advil chaser. If I was a horse they'd have put me down by now.

Happy New Year. I hope you're in better shape than I am.


michelleblackler said...

Nice back! Go Girl! Just don't change for us, you are perfect on this page.

Anonymous said...

Looks good to me. Best wishes with the books, too!

Once Upon an Equine said...

We gotta a Wii too. I'll have to try out the fitness stuff...if the teen in the house will give me some Wii time.