Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Snoop Dog and Too Much Bitch In The Water

Tuesday night was…intense. And I just want to say that it was either the three-quarter full moon, or else someone slipped way too much "Bitch" in the drinking water, because there was a higher percentage of assholes in attendance than usual.

Our first showing (Okay for those of you who do not know, I volunteer for the Sundance Film Festival which is going on here in Utah right now, so there you have it, up to speed…)

Our first showing was "Gasland" which will open your eyes to the downside of Natural Gas harvesting. I'm not going to enter into a rant about the environment, the government royally screwing people, or how everyday citizens lose their rights because of lobbyists being in bed with certain factions in Washington; I won't have to. When this movie is available, rent it and see for yourself how your tax dollars are at work…just not for you. Unless you're a billionaire, in which case why are you wasting time reading my blog?
I am in no way, shape or form a tree hugging liberal, but jeesh!

Anyhow, what I really wanted to tell you was this: There are a ton of stories at Sundance, that's what the festival is all about, and believe it or not, some of them aren’t even mine…

Here is one:

The Snoop Dog Story

Alexi is my immediate supervisor. Before Rose Wagner she worked at Trolley Square. In 2005 the movie "Hustle and Flow" premiered at the festival. The night it played at Trolley she was managing . A man walked in and identified himself as Snoop Dog's manager. He told her that Snoop and his friends were attending the show, but they were having dinner. He got her cell phone number. A while later he called and said they were still at dinner, and could she hold up the film until they got there? She said no. A little while later they called and said they were out back, could someone let them in the rear door? She sent Krista. Then his manager said that his friends were hungry, could she get them some snacks? So Alexi sent a couple of volunteers to the snack bar with her credit card and got Snoop Dog and his friends some snacks. The bill came to $66.50. She knew that because the volunteers gave her back her credit card and her receipt after they deliver the Snoop Dog entourage their snacks. When the film was over, she waited to approach Snoop Dog's manager, holding her receipt for $66.50.

They'd left through the back door.

So, if any of you see Snoop Dog, tell him he owes Alexi $66.50, from 2005.

Personally, I think he should pay her interest.

PS: I added a link to a story about Alexi in Thursday's SLC Tribune. Alexi said she told the reporter the Snoop Dog story, but it didn't make it into the article. So much for investigative journalism! Boo! Maybe she would get paid back if it had...


Serena said...

If SERENA still worked at the Trib, that story would have made it in!!

Lisa Deon said...



Thanks! Glad you got Alexi's back...