Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Evils of Preparedness

I've been dog shopping. It's a fun yet sad way to waste time, looking on Petfinder at all the doggies in need of homes. Happy and hopeful smiling canine faces, trying to catch hold of someone's heart with their tales of woe. Some of the copy is written in a very antiseptic manner, name, rank, serial number … just the facts. Yet other, more creative humans have done their best to pique your interest. It's called a "hook", and is what fiction writers do to grab and hold the attention of their readers.

Johnny Cash caught my eye, mostly because of his expression.

* Hi! My name is Johnny Cash. The man in white…the big man in white. Sometimes life doesn’t turn out the way you expect. One day you are home, safe and loved. And then, like in my case, you find yourself walking into a shelter – and not walking out with those you thought would always be there for you. I guess I wasn’t totally out of luck since I was transferred to rescue and on to another chance at someone to call my own.

Did I mention I am big? I am big in affection, looks and love…oh yes, and in pounds so I am on a little diet. I get along great with other dogs, but please no kitties. I know basic commands and have terrific house manners. What’s missing from my life? Well, at present it is a second helping at dinner and MOST importantly…you. Will you be mine? I can’t wait to meet you (Johnny Cash: German Shepherd, Male, White, DOB ~05/06, 145 lbs. and losing)

No, Cowboy hasn't passed yet. He's still holding on, snoozing away most of the day. His appetite is good, which is why we haven't taken the Big Sleep step yet. When Mr. Slave Driver comes home from work, Cowboy occasionally tries to engage him in a game of "Throw this slimy dog toy for me and I'll bring it back to you." Wease visited last Sunday, bringing her cluster of dogs down from Cache Valley. When they visit Cowboy reverts to his natural herding state, trying to force her dogs into submission by utilizing his patented Border Collie Glare. We try and discourage this behavior (yeah, right, like that ever worked…) because after they leave he's stiff and sore for several days.

Tiny looks like a sweetie...

** Tiny is an adorable Husky/Pyrenees mix who is about 5 years old. He is very loving and gets along well with children, cats and other dogs. He rarely barks, and walks very well with a pinch collar. Tiny's ideal home would have another dog there to keep him company when the family is away as he will escape if left alone. Tiny is better suited to be an outside dog, although he is calm indoors he needs to be watched carefully inside as he tends to be mischievous when the family is not watching him. With time and training Tiny would be an amazing family dog. For more information about Tiny or to meet him call the shelter at (208)785-6897 or Marcia (208)244-1513. Please leave a clear message with your name and number and that you are calling about the Tiny the Husky/Pyrenees cross. Tiny is up-to-date with routine shots and spayed/neutered.

Besides shopping for dogs I've also been looking up "services." Because as distasteful as it is, soon I will need services related to euthanasia and cremation. The local animal shelter provides this. I've never had to cremate a pet; we buried several, including my favorite rooster, on the farm, but the backyard here isn't big enough here, and I'm pretty sure it's not legal. So along with checking out the available replacement dogs, I've been researching options for Cowboys final destination.

I hope "Angus" finds a good home.

*** Angus is a big puppy about 4 months old. He is sweet and shy and needs to learn everything about being a dog. He has beautiful black and white markings from his Border Collie parent and will be a big boy from his Pyrenees parent! A patient owner who can take Angus to puppy obedience school would give him a great start in life. Come by and meet this boy! Angus is up-to-date with routine shots and spayed/neutered.

Mr. Slave Driver gets to choose our next dog. We have settled into a round-robin approach, taking turns deciding on the type of pet we want to live with us for the next 8-13 years. Mr. Slave Driver is partial to large dogs, although watching him with my Pomeranian you'd never know that he professes to dislike small "ankle biters." Last year at Strut Your Mutt he discovered a breed called "Leonberger" and immediately fell in love with them. They are an extra large dog with a double coat, webbed feet, and unlike, say, a St. Bernard, they don't drool. They also are supposed to have a super laid-back disposition, much like Mr. Slave Driver himself. Leonbergers are at the top of the short list now, along with Bernese Mountain Dogs, Newfoundlands, and Great Pyrenees. Whatever ends up living with us needs to like camping and Pomeranians. And Drafting. I would like to have a dog large enough to draft with, and I've already found the perfect cart to use.

Me, wanting a dog big enough to drive. Go figure.

* Are you a fan of Johnny Cash? You can find him at

Snow Capped Shepherd Rescue
PO Box 270981
Littleton, CO 80127


Phone: (303) 973-SCSR (7277)

** Have you been tickled by Tiny? Drop in and see him at

Bingham County Humane Society
Blackfoot, ID

***Intrigued by Angus? Check him out at

308 Weaverville Road
PO Box 904
Divide, CO 80814


The Merry said...

Oh, they all look beautiful! Curse you, SD, I'm not ready to be looking and having my heart torn out like that. Her Ladyship is too feeble to take on a rambunctious young'un now. I wish I could've been in a position to get her a companion five years ago, when she was healthy enough to enjoy it.
I can understand Cowboy's attitude. Tanji always preferred to romp with the young whippersnappers and pay for it by limping afterwards. It's important to look good in front of the pack. Dog cred.
And you're much more healthy about this than I am. I keep saying "but 13 is quite young for a German Shepherd!" and things of that ilk.

Lisa Deon said...

I know, I'm sorry. I just love Johnny Cash, and I want to wrap my arms around Tiny, kiss the top of his noggin and tell him everything will be alright (because he looks a little worried, IMHO) And I'm just window shopping. I wouldn'nt dream of adding the stress of a new dog to either Cowboy OR the family at this time.

No More Homeless Pets in Utah has a huge adoption even in June and another one in August.

And I've thought of being a dog foster Mom but I won't do it until Cowboy is gone , but Mr. SD has been known to become very attached...

Belle's personal assistant said...

My problem with some of these shelters is that you have to be the perfect placement for the dog. I am not perfect, but I am pretty good with dogs. If they are so hard up for someone to take great care of a dog, they need to broaden their horizons. No, my dog will not be an inside only dog. No, my dog will not be expected to be under lock and key every second of everyday. My dogs need to be able to be dogs. I will train my dogs to go on trail rides, be around the horses, sleep out in the barn with the other animals (which is really great when the horses push open stall doors and are wandering around the inside of the barn)

Can you tell that I am a little irritated that I did not get to adopt a dog?