Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Winner! Winner! *Chicken Dinner! Part 1:

As some of you know last fall an eBook was published containing an essay I wrote about my life-long obsession with horses and how I have incorporated it into my life. The book is called Ignite Your Passion and it has stories and suggestions about taking what you love and turning it into the thing that motivates and inspires you to get up in the morning.

Here is a little info about the woman who pulled it all together:


Subject: Where does the energy in your life come from?

What do you call the source of energy that flows through your life like a spring? Sometimes it’s so full and fast it can carry you away. Other times, it’s slow moving, stagnant. When you’re doing something you love, the spring is right there with you, sustaining you, refreshing you, taking you to wonderful new places.

My friend, April M. Williams, calls that energy Passion. About a year ago, she found herself thinking about it a lot:

What is it?
Where does it come from?
Why was she fortunate to have so much of it?
And what happened that so many people don’t have a drop to spare?
Are there ways to nurture it in your life?

She started talking to the many people she met in her life and through her profession. April is a Career Coach who helps people through job transition. She saw the stark difference among her clients: those who had the grace of Passion running deep in their lives tended to have shorter job searches, more fluid transitions, and were better able to meet their goals.

Those who had, well, you might call it a Passion deficit, had a more difficult time overall. They often worked just as hard, but things came harder to them. She noticed something else, too. She felt different around people depending on their level of Passion. People who had more seemed to call her own Passion out of her and into the moment. People who had less often left her feeling drained and needing to replenish.

April was especially fascinated by people who seemed to have found a deep, ever-flowing source of Passion and energy in their lives. They loved what they were doing, even when they took on difficult challenges. Some of these people were able to talk articulately about the Passion that flowed through them. They had wisdom about the gifts of Passion balanced with the demands of Passion.

She asked these wise folks if they would be willing to help her write a book on Passion with the goal of helping everyone get in touch with their own source of energy.

“Ignite Your Passion: How to Find and Ignite Your Fire Inside,” April's E-book, is the result of that collaboration. 18 authors share with you stories of how they discovered the Passion that drives them, the difference it’s made in their lives, and insight into how each of us can tap that energy in ourselves.

April Williams is one of the best Career Coaches I know—maybe the best—and I know that her clients are benefitting from what she learned during her search for the sources and wisdom of Passion.


"So," a faithful Confessions of a Slave Driver reader might be asking themselves right about now, "what the heck does this have to do with a *Chicken dinner?" (You knew I'd get around to that at some point, right? As off topic as I usually get, I most of the time occasionally wander back to the original idea…) Well, I only used "*Chicken Dinner" because, not only does it sound tasty, but it rhymes with "Winner", and that's what we'll have one of if you enter my super fabulous contest to win a free copy of the eBook, Ignite Your Passion.

Here is what you have to do to enter:

Go to Cyberlifetutors.com , scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see blue letters that say
"Don't let this happen to you: "
Beneath that is an excerpt from my essay. Copy that blurb and paste it into an email. Then send that email to me at SLCSlaveDriver@gmail.com along with your name (first name only is fine if, like me, you distrust the internet and really don't want your *real identity bandied about the Interverse willy-nilly).

I'm running the contest from now until 11:59pm, March 11, 2010. (I know a lot of you only visit every two weeks or so..) On March 12, after I wake up and scarf down a couple of cups of coffee so I can see straight, I will, using the exacting and scientific method of pulling a name blindly out of a hat, or a bucket, or some kind of container, and choose a winner. Then I will notify the lucky winner via email along with the coupon code to download a free e-copy of Ignite Your Passion!!!

See? Easy peasey.Click on link, find my blurb, copy, past, hit "send."

And I promise that none of the entries or email addresses will be released to anyone else even if they torture me by forcing me to watch American Idol or even (shudder) anything on the Hallmark Channel.

*No chickens were harmed in the writing of this blog.

Now for all the legal mumbo jumbo:

Only one entry per email address allowed. Period. All duplicate entries will be sent to the recycle bin. Only one copy of the eBook will be awarded to one winner. Ineligible entries ( ie: no blurb cut and pasted into the body of the email) will be disqualified. Odds of winning are based solely on the number of entrants. Cash value of this blog is 1/20 of 1 cent. eBook available only in English and as an eBook. Void where prohibited by law. Be kind, rewind. TYFSAK.


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Good Luck to Winners!

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Thanky you Orangehands. You should enter.

And to the person who wrote in non-English characters, I apologize but I am not mmulti-lingual, I did however see the "Sex" in your comment so can only I assume that 1) It'sm the only English word you know and 2) Your comment is really spam, so it's just as well no one else can read it.

April M. Williams said...

Good luck to everyone!

April M. Williams