Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bits And Pieces

We had the honor of taking Arnold Friberg to his final resting place. He was a renowned artist and a member of the LDS church that lived and worked right here in Salt Lake City. I was not there to take photos, but you can learn all about it and watch video of Jim and Charlie here. On a side note, Jim is famous in our stable for, um, letting his "pride" show so to speak… which he did all during the funeral.

I don’t know, maybe it's a horses way of showing respect.

Speaking of walking around with your dingle hanging out; The horse named Kid, who had a long and illustrious career as a carriage horse and retired last year to northern Utah with Wease passed on last week after a valiant fight with, um, not being able to put his junk away. I'm sure there was something else going on there, but during a short, terse conversation with Wease, that's what I took away from the conversation. So, Kid has shucked his mortal coil and is probably posing for Arnold Friberg right now. Hopefully Arnold can slap some pretty on him, because Kid was one fugly looking horse.

How do you know when a horse is tall? You can't tell with Ro & I we're kinda shrimpy, but when Kar has to stand on a wagonette to hose Cisco down, you know he's tall, because Kar's up there just shy of six foot.

And that's about it unless you want to hear about my new cell phone (EVO, and it's way bigger than my last phone) or my new netbook (Acer, and it's half the size of my laptop) or how it's been as hot as the surface of the sun out here. Or how we were mentioned in an article about the bike riding ice cream vendors (except they called us horse carriage riders instead of horse carriage drivers.)

I'll be doing a contest next week. There are no prizes, just glory. The only way to study is to run through the blog and look at the pictures of our horses.


Anonymous said...

Well, the video of Jim walking down the road letting it all hang out was priceless! But even more priceless were the photos of Kid and Harley. So glad you took the time to capture those memories for all of us. And, so glad he was happy for the last bit of his life.

Belle's personal assistant said...

When Mr. BPA pulled up the pic of the funeral, the first thing I noticed was Jim, hanging out. And that was the tiny pic on his phone. He used to get himself caught between his side and the pole, then he would BUCK. I miss that horse. He can come retire up here, too.

One of my favorite pics is "Prayer at Valley Forge" by Arnold Friberg. It is mounted on my fireplace. We were in Deseret Book before Christmas and I mentioned to Mr. BPA that I LOVE that pic. I got it for Christmas.

Sorry to hear about Kid. He was such an unbelievable horse. Quiet and an excellent training horse both with a driver and in a team, but hook him with Chief and hang on. Up at the park, he tried to take on Red through the fence. It was wild.
And you absolutely did not get in his mouth and he was driven with a snaffle. I was not working the night that someone got into his mouth and all Hell broke loose. I heard about it later, though.

Dreaming said...

Well, at least we now know which one is Jim!

Anonymous said...

Pride hanging out or not, I love Jim. I think he's the #2 pretty boy next to Tony.

That sucks about Kid, but he had a great retirement home!

BPA said...

I couldn't resist adding another comment because of the great word verification (Mr. BPA is over my shoulder, prodding me on)
I couldn't even log on as me or I would lose the word.
I guess that I could have and then said that it was still my word, but what would be the fun in that?

WV- Mopho, I am assuming that this would be pronounced with Long o's.
if you don't know the meaning, I am definitely not telling you.

K Gorman said...

Hey, I've been reading your blog for about 6 months now. Maybe longer- I haven't kept track. Just wanted to say that a carriage driving position just sort of fell into my lap not too long ago, so I've been training this past week for it and so far so good!