Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Name That Ass

I promised you a contest, and I'm delivering…

This contest idea came to me as a result of 1) being bored, 2) having nothing to look at but a big, hairy ass, and 3) noticing that Tony's tail dock resembled a heart (hint hint...) Upon checking a random sample of our other horses, I noticed several had very distinct tails. Now some of these will be easy peasey, especially for our employees. But the rest of you have a fighting chance of matching the name to the butt.

I've posted tons of pictures over the last three years, plus descriptions of some of our horses. So your job, if you choose to accept it, it to match the name with the horse's ass.

I've simplified it a bit; after all we have five blacks and five Belgians, so I'm keeping the numbers down by only including the horses that you, if you've been a regular reader and paid attention, should be able to identify.

Like I said, there are no prizes, just glory. You can either put your guess in the comments or email me at

Good luck. Have fun! See how your ass knowledge compares with those of others…








The above butts belong to the following horses, in no particular order:

Tony, Cisco, Charlie, Rex, Jerry, Bart, and Cleatus


Anonymous said...

Ok ok...
#1, Cleatus
#2, Tony
#3, Rex
#4, Jerry
#5, Charlie
#6, Cisco
#7, Bart

Belle's personal assistant said...

you definitely should have just had us email so that those that aren't carriage drivers could make a guess without having carriage drivers give it away right off. 1- cleatus (new spelling?) 2 Tony thanks for the hint (as if anybody needed it) 3- Rex (I hated driving that dumpster diving crack horse during the Olympics) 4-Jerry (I preferred driving his team mate Ben) 5- Charlie (who could miss that dip in the butt?) 6- Cisco (by process of elimination, since I never drove him) 7- Bartman (It seems so lonely without his teammate and big sister)

Anonymous said...

OK - I'll play. My answers came out the same as Stacy's and BPA so won't bother to write them down again. If they "win", so do I. That's a great memory they have for horse's butts! How long has it been since either saw them in person?

BPA said...

Critter and Mr. BPA picked the same as me and did not even need a list to choose from until Jerry. Its really not fair that Bart had a glare. His grey was not very noticable:)