Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Object of My Addiction:

Now for something a little on the lighter side.

Obviously, you know I like horses. How much do I like horses?


To the casual observer entering my house through the front door, my living room is an explosion of horses. I have a bathroom decorated in horses, and my kitchen is pretty much...well, you get the picture.

But my obvious addiction shines brightest at Christmas. How? Well, my Horsemas Tree, of course.

Some of these you can get from Breyer, others are weird custom jobs that have been gifts.

More than a few I've painted myself. Because I have an addiction. And I love horses.

I also love my Pomeranian, Sammie Two Chews.

And just to prove that I am a well rounded individual, here is a recent addition to my Christmas ornament collection:

I understand it's a Major Award!


Anonymous said...

How beautiful! And how wonderful to have such a lovely addiction. Gorgeous pictures. Thanks!

Belle's personal assistant said...

And I thought that I was weird for the horse skulls in my class room with christmas lights tucked into the brain case and eye sockets.

Lisa Deon said...

Well, BPA, you are weird, but that's besides the point.


Anonymous said...

That's awesome! I'm lovin' your Horsemas tree! I have some horse ornaments, but not nearly enough for an entire tree. Guess I need to get crackin' and get MORE!

Anonymous said...

Hey, check this out: Old Timey Carriages!

Driver--hope you are not too awful cold or too awful tired.



Anonymous said...

Your Horsemas tree is the coolest tree ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Word: Mourace-the most f'ed version of Mo's name I've ever seen!