Friday, December 26, 2008

Returning to Normal

Okay, my life is not exactly “normal" anyway, but it’s back to the usual routine. I work once more this week, Saturday, and then, unless something weird comes up and Ro needs me, I won’t work again until February.

January is when I get all the things done that I’ve put off until A.C. That’s After Christmas, for you non-Carriage people. That’s when we slave drivers do all the crap we’ve procrastinated for two months. For example, prior to my birthday I, according to the fine employees at the DMV, need to straighten something out at the Social Security office. Mainly that I never changed the name on my card after I got married, which was lucky for me since 18 months later I got divorced, but then another 3 years I got married again…To the same guy. So, I apparently need to scurry downtown and sit in the olfactory offensive/overly warm office for hours on end and get the name straightened out before my drivers license comes up for renewal.

Sitting in the Social Security office and then the DMV. Bleh! Thankfully I got an iPod touch for Christmas and have already downloaded movies to it. YAY! There is only so much Bubble Blaster I can play on my phone before I start looking for something new and exciting to do. Like mocking the people next to me.

Also I have to go online and do my Sundance management training in preparation for the Festival, which is next month. They’ve bumped me up a spot so I’ll have new duties this year and I should probably figure out what the heck they are.

I also need to go with Ro to The Tin Angel café and collect the rest of my tip. The Chef and his wife who own and operate The Tin Angel took a ride with me and did not feel that I was compensated enough in comparison to the joy/happiness they felt during their ride. So they said “Come to the restaurant and we’ll “Take care” of you.”

Now, someone “Taking Care” of you can go two ways. Either they treat you liked royalty and fawn over your very presence, or, a la the Sopranos, you wear cement shoes and sleep with the fishes.

I’m just hoping to get their recipe for Tiramisu, since there is the best freakin’ tiramisu I’ve ever had. YUM!

My Jeep needs an oil change. My office looks like someone threw dumpster full of paper on top of the desk. My Pomeranian needs a grooming. Bad. Like she’s gone Rastafarian. And of course there’s all the Christmas decorations to put away, and writing and editing to start up again, and pounds to lose and Chiropractors to see, and wine that needs drinking, and …

Well, you get the picture.

So here’s to getting back to normal. I’ll begin by making a toast. See? That takes care of the wine that needs drinking.


Anonymous said...

Naw-mall, that dweam wiffin a dweam.

Go for the gold, Driver. Social Security and DMV in one comprehensive lump.

Hey, I got fuzzy slippers and enough Grav Lax to last till Flag Day & DH got a step up from Michelob: four bottles of wine in varying colors and nations of origin. Sweet. Um, Sec?


MONSRE: Mothra's French cousin

Anonymous said...

Normalcy exists? Where? And how did you manage to get it when I can't even catch a glimpse of it?

I'm all jealous and stuff. Ya know.

Happy A.C.! I'm happy it's here,too.

IrishLassie said...

I feel your pain. Ill be at the SS office this week as well..
Seems its not enough Ive my kids numbers, I have to have their cards on hand..
Wont this be a fun week of *normalcy* I cant wait...

As for the wine.. Closest I'm getting is NyQuil... *gags*

Belle's personal assistant said...

Yeah, the christmas season is over!!! I survived! Normalcy can return!!!