Monday, October 12, 2009

It's A Wrap…

The Heart of the West chapter of the Romance Writers of America conference in Park City, Utah is over. The weekend was exhausting, exciting, enlightening…it was a bunch of "e" words, okay? The food was even good, and those of you who actually "know" me are aware what kind of a food snob I can be especially when it comes to catered meals. So, everything was good with one exception:

When the heater in our room would kick on it sounded like a jet engine. This means you were able to sleep in 25 minute intervals. Not very conducive to a refreshing bout of slumber.

Oh well, shit happens.

Anyway, the conference was good. And not only did the literary agent I pitched to ask for a full (for those of you not in the know, that means she requested my entire manuscript) but she also asked for the synopsis to my third manuscript which is currently a virtual work in process.

So I guess I'd better go start writing…

"An editor, literary agent, and four writers walk into a bar..."


Mary said...

Great blog, and yes the heater sucked!

Griffox said...

Glad to hear it was a success! I'm sure it's going to be agony waiting for a reply on the manuscript. Got my fingers crossed for you!

Lyn said...


My fingers were crossed, and will be again. Good job, SD! I'm so excited!
What a year it's been!

Word verification:
French car insurance company?

Lisa Deon said...

Thank you all very much. I have some editing to do before I sent the MS to the agent, so it will be a few weeks before I ship it out. I will keep you posted.

Christine said...

Dearest Slave Driver...
Yes, get that ms ready! Make sure it's as good as it can get to maximize your chances. You know how these damn industry people can be. They probably event eat raw meat for breakfast!

The very best of luck to you.
I had a blast!
Thanks for all the memories :)
URWA rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa Deon said...

Dear Christine,

I have it on good authority that the agent in question eats cooked bacon for breakfast, but she is not a big fan of eggs...

michelleblackler said...

I'm sure said agent will be delighted with your witty, steamy[?]work and soon you will be our favorite famous novelist blogger. What will your pen name be? I can't wait.

Very best of Luck!

Lisa Deon said...

Ah, Michelle, therein lies the rub.

I have a number of aliases, and of course use my Slave Driver persona online to avoid having an angry mob of RARA's camped outside my house protesting my obvious uncouth and provential use of horses as a means of transportation (Oh, the humanity!)

Combine that with the unfortunate coincidence of my "real" name being the same a published author, I will probably, for my fiction, use my first and middle names as a pen name. But that is something that needs to be worked out once I have a contract. So, I don't wish to figuratively put the cart before the horse.

Pun intended.

But when the time comes I will let you know. Oh yes, I will. You will hear me jabber on about it so much you might pull an eye hammy (if there is such a thing…) with all the eyeball rolling you'll do in the future.