Friday, October 30, 2009

Octobers End

Tonight is our last night at Gardner. Will I miss it? Meh~ it’s a nice change, being able to get to work in 10 minutes as opposed to 30. And lets not forget the pre-work preparations, because there is a huge difference:


Gas up
Put blankets on straw bales


Pull out of paddock
Give treats
Pick hooves
Give treats
Braid tail
Give kisses
Tack up
Give treats
Give treats
Hook to carriage

So it’s been alright, but driving a tractor for three hours straight in a large circle is somewhat boring. Of course, standing at South Gate in the rain trying to sell rides on a night when Salt Lake looks like a ghost town is boring too. Plus, while I have a great time working with Ro, I miss the rest of my carriage tribe. But soon the Christmas season will start, and we’ll have so much “together” time, I’ll be sick of them quick enough.

So I guess it all evens out in the end.

Except the tractor isn't any fun to kiss.

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April M. Williams said...

We stocked up on candy, all chocolate because Mr. Wonderful was afraid to run out (or so he says). We had a handful of visitors begging for candy. Now, Mr. Wonderful and I have 10 pounds of our favorite chocolate candy staring back at us.

April M. Williams