Friday, April 9, 2010

Just Another Post About Mostly Nothing

The new used dog, Luna, likes to smile a lot

She also has a freaky floppy double dew claw. It's really weird looking. Plus it means there is one more nail to trim.

Apparently water provided in a small, Pomeranian size bowl tastes much better than water from a larger, Great Pyrenees size bowl. That is, according to Luna. How do I know this? Because instead of drinking from the big bowl in the hallway, Luna prefers to continuously empty Sammie's water bowl in the bedroom.

Who knew?

I was supposed to work last Monday with MBA, but because the weather-persons predicted a huge snowstorm, we were called off. And it did snow, but it did not nearly become the cataclysmic blizzard of epic proportions that the prognosticators warned us of. Still, I was glad not to be in the middle of it trying to sell carriage rides. I know futility when I see it, and that would have been a huge waste of my time.

The tourist season is in its pre-vacation phase right now, and those folks wanting to miss the Memorial to Labor Day crowds will be visiting Salt Lake and, specifically Temple Square, soon. Across the street from where we stage the flagship store for Deseret Books opened last weekend. It is in almost the same spot where once there was a Borders Bookstore. We really liked the Borders. Not because, while out some pleasant evening one of us would suddenly feel the urge to ask another driver to hold our horse and cross South Temple to peruse the current list of best sellers and purchase a riveting novel to read while standing around waiting for a ride. But because on the second floor of Borders there was a small café with a barista willing to craft for you a delicious cup of coffee or a frothy hot chocolate. This was a lifesaver when we would be cold, tired, thirsty or bored and be in dire need of something to perk us up.

This was what the building looked like last spring.

Deseret Books doesn't offer amenities like coffee. They might, however, have a water fountain.

Deseret Book's flagship store.

Also across the street a new, fine dining establishment is opening. Now, this is something that we are interested in because, as I have often lamented, there really is no place for us to get a bite to eat besides the drive-thru of Carl Jr's, and I'm not a huge Carl Jr's fan, so I've never taken a carriage through there. I have, however, gone to the Applebee's at The Gateway Mall and utilized their Phone Ahead/Pick up spot. It's nice because the server brings your order right up to your vehicle, runs your credit card, and hands you your food, piping hot, complete with silverware. It’s a little tricky trying to cut up a sirloin while piloting a carriage, but hey, if you’re hungry enough, you manage.

The new restaurant location last spring.

So soon this new, classy restaurant will open and I'm sure, knowing our penchant for eating, we'll wear a horse poop littered path from our staging area through the crosswalk and into their lobby, leaving a scent that, without a doubt, will prove what big fans we are.

What the restaurant's location looks like now.

Unless, of course, there's a dress code, and they won't let us in the door. Of course, if fancy is what they require, I do have a tuxedo jacket. But I'll still smell like horse.

(The rest of these photos are for the benefit of those drivers who no longer work in Salt Lake. Because inquiring minds want to know.)

Progress of the 32 story condo building at the corner of South Temple and West Temple. It looks good, and we'll be happy when they start to fill it with people.

The skybridge across Main Street.


IrishLassie said...

wow. Lots going on. Even in a month there's change.

Belle's personal assistant said...

Thanks for the pics of my former stomping ground. (Belle did most of the stomping, unless it was cold, and then I guess that I did some, too)
As much as I miss driving, I don't miss the smog, traffic, construction, and idiots of all shapes, sizes.

Belle misses the harness and picking on Bart, (Hi, Bart! Love the ribbons!) but she feels the same about the rest, too.

The Merry said...

For some reason this blog reminded me of you:

How to Write Badly Well: Censor your Characters