Monday, April 26, 2010

Will Walk For Donation…

It's that time of year again. Time for our annual Beg-A-Thon to support No More Homeless Pets in Utah.

Our family has been supporting Strut Your Mutt and No More Homeless Pets In Utah since we moved to Salt Lake in 2003. So you could say that the annual Strut Your Mutt is near and dear to our hearts. As was Cowboy, our Border Collie and member of our family for 14 wonderful years. Cowboy passed away this last March, so this year we are walking in his honor.

We're also bringing the new used dog, Luna, who we adopted from Pet Samaritans. This will be the first of many Strut Your Mutts to come for her. Unless, of course, she eats someone's Chihuahua. Then her SYM career will be over pretty quick.

Sammie Two Chews, resident Pomeranian, will also be joining us, but in her stroller. Sammie has luxated patellas and it's difficult for her to walk long distances, so she'll be pushed along the route. Plus Sammie doesn't like other dogs, so anything that puts a barrier between her and the rest of the common canine rabble is just fine and dandy. And she, like me, is a little on the lazy side, so any time someone else can do the work is good with her.

Because of the current economic downturn, shelters in this country have seen a rise in the number of animals surrendered. Owners find themselves in dire financial circumstances and have to tighten their budgets, which many times means the family pet is the first thing to be jettisoned. Fortunately, shelters have also seen a rise in adoptions. However, shelters still have to house, feed, spay/neuter and administer any medical treatment to the animals while they await their forever families to adopt them, and that's expensive.

So I show up here once a year and ask anyone out there with a few spare bucks to make a donation to save a life. Okay, I show up here about twice a week, but I only ask for money once a year. So that's what I'm doing. If you are looking for a good, tax deductible organization to make a donation to, go here and donate securely online. The animals thank you, and so do I.

And, because I am in fact shameless, I'll just add these pictures of cute dogs to make you feel just a little bit guilty…

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Once Upon an Equine said...

What a great cause and it looks like a lot of fun too. Sammie Two Chews sure knows how to strut in style. Adorable!