Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Too Much Stuff, Too Little Time

Once again it's been hectic over here at Casa Del Slave Driver. Fall brings an entirely new set of "shit that absolutely must get done" including draining the pool (the weekend before last) taking down the pool (this past Sunday) putting away the pool (still working on that) and swapping out the soft top for the hard one on my Jeep (not even close). All these things are on a timeline depending on the weather i.e. they must get done before it snows.

It's supposed to snow tomorrow. Welcome to "Rocky Mountain Living."

This week, probably today, I have to go to Gardner Village and do some reconnaissance. The gig has changed since last year. We no longer are doing "Ride With A Witch", we are doing "Ride To A Witch" which changes the parameters and I have to scope out the path they want us to use.

Why? You ask.

Because I hate surprises.

I also have a different role to play this weekend than usual. Historically, I'm the driver. This weekend I'll be the stager. Hardrock and Coco will be driving, so that puts the onus on me to make sure the operation runs like clockwork. Being the driver is easy, albeit boring. I firmly plant my ear buds, crank my iPod, and cover the entire mess with sound deadening hearing protectors. Insulated in my music filled world I simply drive in circles for eight hours, watch the cartoons in my head, and take visual cues from Ro when the flatbed is loaded and it's safe to drive off.
The music protects my sanity. I use the iPod to drown out not only the loud drone of the tractor engine, but also the uber-annoying sound of screaming children.

I can't use the iPod this weekend. Not only will I have to talk to people, but must be nice to them.

Slave Driver shudders

Added to the mix, I have to cobble together a witch-y costume to dress up in. Driving the tractor, I wear black jeans and a black turtleneck. Nothing spook-tacular (har-de har har) but as Ro found out last year when she stepped off of the tractor and did a face plant, nothing flowing that might get caught on the equipment, either.

Safety first. (That's my story. Sticking)

So don't look for a new blog until next Friday, barring any strange or unusual occurrences. Right now the only thing on the horizon besides Gardner is the publication of the non-fiction eBook I've contributed a chapter to.

And you will be hearing about that. Yes.You.Will.

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Lyn said...

Well, the post was informative and humorous, but the word verification, SODLIKER nearly bounced me out of the Barcalounger.