Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Why I Should Be the Sego Lily Blogger

I read the newspaper daily, and often times cut out random tidbits I want to keep for future reference. My office frequently looks like it's been the recipient of a ticker–tape parade, with all the newsprint confetti scattered about. So it was not unlike me to cut out a blurb about the Sego Lily Day Spa contest.

Usually I read the articles once and "file" them (if you call setting them down somewhere in my office "filing") and during my yearly frenzy to clean out the piles of junk I throw them away, usually not remembering what the initial reason for removing them from the paper was to begin with. I guess that's what I get for killing off all of those brain cells with fermented grapes.

But this snippet was different. This snippet was to me what the Holy Grail was to Monty Python the zealots who participated in the Crusades.

This snippet brings with it the possibility of winning a prize. Spa treatments for a year, and the luxury of blogging about them!


For the uninitiated, most of what I write has to do with life here in the beautiful Salt Lake Valley where I live. I blog about everything from inane information about carriage driving, volunteering for the Sundance Film festival, the mysterious tumor on my horses leg I've named "Stan", to the amount of cold weather apparel I haul around on my carriage with me to stay warm and dry during winter. Random, senseless, eclectic stuff that will never be considered great literature. Although the blog about Cletus and his urination issues seems to be a crowd pleasing favorite. Go figure.

I will never be mistaken for a "girley girl." In my life I have had one massage. It was a gift from The Husband several years ago, and I enjoyed it. Okay, the term "enjoyed" is not definitive enough. I relished that puppy like a junkie getting their fix. The ambiance, the delicious aroma of the scented candles, the warmth of the room and muted sounds of gently flowing water...I was so relaxed I left the spa with an overwhelming feeling of having just melted into a puddle. I believe they carried me out to my car in a bucket.

I ski, I lift weights, I ride my bike when the tires aren’t flat. I work in the yard, and have a job that is physically demanding. Let's face it, if you can't pull a 400 pound carriage out of the barn you're just not qualified to do what I do. Not to mention the standing is hard on your feet and your back, the weather is tough on your skin, and the boredom turns the brain to mush. So the idea of being able to leave the hectic and demanding daily grind behind me for a weekly treat of luxurious pampering is…intoxicating.

My other job, the writing gig, I find mentally taxing, and often when my family thinks I'm sleeping or otherwise in a prone and sluggish position, I am actually "thinking", running a scene in my head with my eyes closed and the iTunes cranked. So even when it appears I am "relaxing" I'm really "working", such as it is.

So, entering in a contest where the outcome allows one to relax and feel good then write about the experience is appealing. The rules are simple; to enter the contest you have to blog about why you should be selected as the Sego Lily Day Spa Blogger, and you know what?

I just did. :)

Sego Lily Day Spa Blog Contest

Psst- eventually when the finalists are chosen you, dear constant reader, get to vote for the winner. You know, just like American Idol, but without all the wardrobe changes...


Belle's personal assistant said...

Hey, I'll vote for you. After pulling doubles at the park and street, I could hardly wait for saturday to come around to go to my massage at the college. Professionals are probably ten times better than that, though.

You will be the most pampered carriage driver on the planet.

emiesc-- The expletive used when one sees multiple rodents. Emiesc!

Lisa Deon said...

Thank you, BPA. I think it'd the worst at Christmas when we develope a hunch from sitting on the box for so long...

Belle's personal assistant said...

That is true. I selectively forgot about that, and the layers that force your vertebral column into unnatural positions, too.

hydves-- an allergic reaction to a mythical creature.

Skeeter Demon said...

I'll vote for you. You'll blog about your magic massage, and I'll get the imaginary carry-over.

Maybe I'll just get me a garden gnome, yeah, he'd be just the right size to stay with me all day and rub my poor old knees. Okay, yeah, I know their hands are made out of concrete, but still . . .

ingum: ingum veritas

Griffox said...

That was awesome. You have to win. I'll vote for you.

p.s. My word verification word is "Pieless".

Lisa Deon said...

Pieless- What national Velvet would be without her horse. And what I should be more often, along with cakeless and icecreamless.

Thanks for the vote. I've got other irons in the contest fires that i hope I win also, butn the Sego Lilly Blogger would be sweet!

Good luck with the rescue dogs. I used to work with Westie Rescue of Missouri, and currently fundraise for Strut Your Mutt, which will be blogged about in the future.

animi- a very short animated animal