Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Promised, I Delivered...

I promised more photos on Monday. Now, I know you've heard from me that I'm not particularly fond of children, yet I have one of my own. Well, I don't like other people's children, but I do like mine.

No offence, just not enamored. Last night at my kid's Honors Band concert I was stuck sitting next to a little boy who alternately coughed on me, farted, and played his Nintendo DS for two hours.


Needless to say I was in Heaven.

However, I love babies, as long as they are not the human kind. The only thing I miss about our farm in Missouri is the animal babies. This being spring, Doree and I were surrounded by calves as we made our way to the lodge

I thought this little man was cute, being he had that piece of grass hanging out of his mouth. His demeanor was rather tough, sauntering in front of us without a care, acting like he owned the road. And he does, for now.

Until next fall, when he's relocated to my freezer.

These were the only horses I saw, but I also didn't take a trail ride. I was, after all, supposed to be focusing on writing, not riding.


Belle's personal assistant said...

What is the point of hiding out at a resort with horses if you do not utilize said horses?

I am just kidding.

I love calves, too; they are very tasty when they mature.

When my students found out how sick I was over spring break, one of them asked if I was pregnant. Apparently the look on my face was so priceless that I did not even need to respond.

didmat -- strange cousin to 'been there, done that'

Lisa Deon said...

You know when I'm talking to someone, whether in person or on the phone and I say "I'm going to a writing conference/workshop/retreat" what they hear is "I'm going to a riding conference/workshop/retreat."
Why? I don't know.

I talk for a living so I thought I was annunciating, but I could be wrong. Maybe those people have a lot of shit in their ears? Possibly. OR it's because the people I talk to know me, are familiar with my horse addiction, and assume that I'm riding.

It doesn't really matter. The fact is, I went away and did not ride while horses were there on the property.

I am ashamed.

Then again since I have one of my own maybe it's because I ride him so infrequently I figured it was like adultery.

I agree, cows are mighty tasty. I loved our lambs and when we moved brought two of them with us. I must say they were the best behaved and traveled well…wrapped in white paper snuggly ensconced in the chest freezer we brought in the bed of the pickup truck.

Pregnant— shudder.

Thelars= A Norwegan Cruise ship named for one of their countrymen.

Anonymous said...

Very nice pictures. Where are the trees? Okay, like, REALLY big meadow. My baby brother raises cattle and has told us he has an appointment at the locker in two weeks. He promised us a (free!) calf because we have our Mom living with us. I've told him it will take Mom 20 years to eat a Charolais, but, it's so great to get clean meat wrapped just the way we want. Now we have to put another freezer in the garage. Luckily, the cars are waterproof and don't mind living in the driveway.

PONNESS--I'm sure this has something to do with English saddles.

Try, try again. Well, "Anonymous" always works. Dusty

Lisa Deon said...

Ah, Dusty... I live in the desert. We're not supposed to have a lot of trees. We have, however, cornered the market on rocks. That was a discussion Doree and I had on the way out there, having both been through the Navaho Nation in Northern Arizona and seeing how screwed those people were. We discussed a lot of "Where the hell do these people work?" Then we passed several oil wells, quarries, and a lot of cattle pasture. If you take I-80 east you see a lot of sheep too, along with oil wells and now wind farms.

Free meat, gotta love a rancher. When I worked feeding cattle for Dave Howard we traded at butchering time- a little lamb for a little beef. And being that he had "reserved" a particular steer for his family it was additive free which made the taste different. He also finished/fattened on grass not corn, which also changes the taste.

We butchered a total of two of our chickens, and only because my mother mentioned that she would like some "Fresh" chicken. After that I just bought it at the grocery- too much work for what we got.